Supply Chain Visibility

GEODIS is a service provider equipped with end-to-end solutions designed to meet your needs while you concentrate your time, energy and investment in your core business. It is important to have the capability to track shipments anywhere along the supply chain and receive alerts on potential delays.



GEODIS would like to provide you with the best customer experience by providing real-time information on where your order is within the supply chain. We understand that it is critical to push information in an efficient manner rather than you having to search for the latest status. In an effort to provide end to end visibility we would like to introduce you to our GeoFlow solution. Your satisfaction and ability to provide your partners a perfect service is important to us.

GeoFlow end to end visibility solution provides a premium service that will transform the way you work in order to overcome the complexity and fragmentation of your supply chain and create unity in your ecosystem of partners.

What is GeoFlow?

GeoFlow is a customized application that provides on demand information for our clients.
Comprised of 4 main pillars:




Offering several industry standard shipment milestones, we offer an effective cloud-based system, which gives different levels of visibility and ability to make timely informed decisions to optimize your supply chain management.

Your Benefits:

  • Full visibility of your orders across your E2E Supply Chain from order placement to invoicing
  • GeoFlow Critical Shipment (GCS) Tool with “Watched Shipment” and pro-active email status updates
  • Alerts for any change to the shipment (ETA, ETD, etc.) for exception management
  • With just one click, the user can access full shipment details and key milestones





Flow management

Showcase: Upstream materials management – Resupply operations