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51% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from retailers who offer same-day delivery SOURCE

Millennials are 118% more likely that non-millennials to pay extra for same-day delivery SOURCE

32% of business leaders are looking to provide crowd-sourced deliveries Source



Join GEODIS at LINK 2019: RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference

February 24-27 | Orlando, FL |  Gaylord Palms Resort

Meet us at booth 622 or meet us on-site below.


Dave Hauptman GEODIS
Dave Hauptman
Owner of Strategic Vision
Bryan Austin GEODIS
Bryan Austin
FMCG Logistics Expert
Jessica Himmelreich GEODIS
Jessica Himmelreich
Logistics Industry Expert
Matt Barr GEODIS
Matt Barr
Logistics Industry Expert
Staci Bowman GEODIS
Staci Bowman
Transportation Industry Expert
Gregor Thompson GEODIS
Gregor Thompson
FMCG Logistics Expert
Judith Engelsen-Daub GEODIS
Judith Engelsen-Daub
Customer Success Manager
Lauren Kennedy
Event Guru

Your Brand Promise, Delivered

4 Ways Your Supply Chain Enhances Your Customer Experience

The key to providing exceptional customer experiences isn’t
just your promotional strategy or product development – it’s
having a strong supply chain. Your supply chain is the backbone of your brand. It can make or break your customer experience – and ultimately your retention and sales growth.

Discover four ways having a strong supply chain can enhance
your customer experience.
1. Personalization
2. Fulfillment Efficiency
3. Seamless Returns
4. Faster Delivery

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Be a Thought Leader at RILA 2019

Tired of just listening? Take the mic and share your expertise.

Join us in creating custom content on-site at RILA 2019! We will be filming live in Orlando, FL talking through challenges facing the retail industry, innovative solutions and the future direction of RILA. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to grow your personal brand and get your voice heard.

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