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65% of Amazon shoppers are willing to shop elsewhere if the same delivery options were offered


51% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from retailers who offer same-day delivery SOURCE

88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery SOURCE

Millennials are 118% more likely that non-millennials to pay extra for same-day delivery SOURCE



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Business Development
Noah Sange
Retail Logistics Expert
Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones
Retail Logistics Expert
John Norris
John Norris
Food & Beverage Logistics Expert
Matt Barr GEODIS
Matt Barr
Urban Fulfillment Expert
Doug Kearns
Transportation Expert
Gregor Thompson
Gregor Thompson
FMCG Logistics Expert
David Hautpman GEODIS
David Hauptman
Strategic Direction

Urban Fulfillment: When, Where and How to Offer it

88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery. 

With so many options for final mile delivery, it’s challenging to determine the best fit for your customers. Not every retailer needs to provide 2-hour same-day delivery using drones and sophisticated automation. So, what solution makes the best sense for you and your customers?

In this panel, we will take a step back from the desire to deliver faster and better than the industry leaders and focus on your customers and how to best serve them. Come ready to have an open discussion about why (or if) your customer wants faster delivery, where they need your products delivered and how you’re working to solve that.

Industry experts from Modell’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy and GEODIS will join to share their own take on city fulfillment and the methodology they use to evaluate their best fit.

You’ll leave this session with the tools to evaluate your:

  • Customer’s desired delivery options

  • Inventory and how to position it closer to your customer

  • Competitor’s delivery options

  • Delivery solutions

  • And more



4 Ways Your Supply Chain Enhances Your Customer Experience

The key to providing exceptional customer experiences isn’t
just your promotional strategy or product development – it’s
having a strong supply chain. Your supply chain is the backbone of your brand. It can make or break your customer experience – and ultimately your retention and sales growth.

Discover four ways having a strong supply chain can enhance
your customer experience.
1. Personalization
2. Fulfillment Efficiency
3. Seamless Returns
4. Faster Delivery

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